Brennan & Clark Collection Agency- How Do You Stop Collection Calls?

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Are you behind when it comes to paying your bills or do you owe debts to someone? If yes, there is high probability you will have a debt collector calling you right now. However, you do have laws that instruct them when and how to call you. For instance, they should not call you before 8am in the morning and after 9pm in the night. They are not supposed to call you when you are at work in case the collector knows that your employer does not approve of the call. Another important fact is that collectors should not harass you or even lie when you attempt to collect a debt. Another important fact is if you ask them to stop calling in writing, they need to stop!

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency- you can stop collection calls

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency is an esteemed collection agency in the USA and the experts here say you can stop collection calls if you want. The professionals here have over 30 years of credible experience in the field of debt collection and innovative credit solutions. They are highly trustworthy and have provided exceptional results to all their clients. When it comes to debt collection calls, you can legally stop them if you want. However, many people are not aware of how to stop these calls. This is where these professionals help them and give them the guidance and counsel they need.

How should you stop collection calls?

As mentioned above, you can write a letter to the collection agency to ask them to stop making the collection call however even if the debt collection agency stops calling, the debt remains. This means even if a representative of the debt collection agency does call you, it is important for you to talk with the individual at least once to understand how you can repay the debt. There are several ways via which you and the debt collection agency can resolve the issue of outstanding debts. Both of you need to work out a solution. Though the calls may stop, remember you still owe the debt and it is your duty to repay it as well.

Validation notice

Most debt collection agencies will send you a notice with the amount you owe. You need to take this notice into account and decide on an action for the debt collector to stop calls. You may either decide to repay the debt with a payment plan or file a lawsuit in a court of law. Once a concrete action is taken, you will be able to stop these collection calls successfully. This notice will ensure that your debt is yours and does not belong to someone else. There are cases where debt collection agencies have contacted the wrong person and he or she has been a victim of a rip-off.

The experts of Brennan & Clark Collection Agency say that when you are writing a letter for stopping collection calls to the collection company, keep a copy of the letter with yourself. In event of any dispute in the future, this letter will come in handy. Moreover, it will serve as a legal proof in event of any legal litigation in a court of law too!