How does online payment work?

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Online payment processing works the same as in-store purchases. When your customer enters their card or check information, your gateway or virtual terminal contacts the card issuer (your customer’s bank or card association) to make sure they have sufficient funds to cover the purchase. The processing also activates encrypted security measures to ensure that there is no suspicious activity on the card in question.  As soon as the transaction is validated, funds are transferred to your merchant services account until they are paid to your dedicated bank account, usually within 2 business days.

With a streamlined and easy-to-manage payment processing online gaming system, you can accept online payments from all of your customers. Need help managing online payments? Do not worry. Our PCI-compliant online payment solutions cover a range of flexible products that are easy to manage and integrate with a variety of accounting, ERP and business management tools.

Mango Pay is a turnkey payment solution for marketplaces, crowd funding platforms and Fin Techs. It allows e-merchants to manage payments on their platform in a personalized and secure manner. It is the only solution that offers flexibility and ease of integration to its customers. The latter sign only one user contract, which then allows them to accept payments, cash on behalf of third parties and manage the payment, flows of their platform. Mango Pay accepts local and international payment methods. It also sets up an anti-fraud engine, a 3D secure protocol and customizable tools to reduce the risk of fraud.

Pay Plug is a complete payment solution whose mission is to simplify payment for all merchants. First of all, it integrates perfectly with most e-commerce platforms (Presto shop, Shopify, Magneto, Woo commerce, Wizishop). The solution also sets up an Omni channel payment system that allows all merchants to simplify and streamline their payments, whether online or in store. 

Pay Plug also offers the possibility of offering a personalized shopping experience. Especially with the new split payments feature. E-merchants can thus offer their customers payment in several installments and increase their conversion rate. But that’s not all; the solution also has a fraud reduction system with Smart 3D Secure and also has a modern and easy to install API.

It is one of the most famous payment solutions today. It is offered by a large majority of e-merchants, so consumers are used to it. Part of the popularity of PayPal is its ease of use, allowing its users to automate most of its payment processes, including monthly billing, among a number of other features.

You may not have heard of this payment solution, but this tool is completely revolutionary for e-commerce. It is sometimes annoying to always have to work in relation with the banks. Thanks to Stripe, you have the possibility of offering payment by credit card to your customers in complete autonomy, without having to use any bank. You just need to easily integrate this tool into your e-commerce site. Customers therefore benefit from this payment solution. No need to register on your site. This is a real advantage for them, pushing them to close purchases faster.

Plus, Stripe has the world’s most powerful and easiest-to-use APIs to make managing your payments easier. Ayden is the only payment solution to offer a modern, international and Omni channel infrastructure.  Indeed, the solution allows you to accept all online, app and mobile payments as well as in store. Ayden sets up a unified commerce system to help e-merchants improve their shopping experience. In addition, if you want to expand internationally, Ayden provides you with global payment processing in a single integration. The solution acts to simplify the management of payments for your e-commerce.

With the evolution of new technologies, online payment solutions have not yet finished evolving. Contactless payment has now made its appearance, and technology still has many surprises in store for us. All you have to do is choose the best payment method for your e-commerce, which will not only meet your expectations but also those of your customers.