James Richman Who is this Secretive Billionaire

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With just a few clicks, taps and likes, many people tend to put equity in their newly found ‘fame’.

In contrast, the secretive and media-shy billionaire, James Richman, chose a different path by keeping his life private – away from the business world’s glitz and glamor.

This introverted and contrarian businessman who traces his roots to Latvia, hails from a unique family and circle of friends whom he himself is making rich with his investment acumen.

Where it all started

James grew up in Smarde, a small town of Tukums region in Latvia, a post-Soviet country. Before he became a powerful private investor who manages wealth for his family and close friends, he was previously constantly considered as below average by his grade school teachers.

Finding himself regularly at the bottom of school standings, James completely quit school at the age of 15 finding it very disinteresting. The constant ridicule and little to no encouragement, coupled with comments that he will never amount to anything pushed him to the edge of eventually dropping out from the traditional learning.

Equipped with his early penchant for numbers and patterns, all ready to make an unconventional mark for himself, he left his hometown at such a young age.

His mother has a background in psychology and father with a background in technology, both of which shaped his curiosity of the world, especially in the economic structures and financial markets.

James struggled with Asperger’s syndrome, a high functioning autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by impaired communication skills and by repetitive patterns of behavior. However, the same challenges made him naturally born with the ability to recognize special patterns.

Although it gave him a bit of trouble earlier on, it made him stand out better than the rest as it helped him recognize financial and price patterns that beckoned him on how to trade better and invest successfully.

Unbeknownst to him, the same high functioning autism is also common to many successful investors, Peter Thiel, one of Facebook’s early investors, was said to have it.

In his early twenties, James started a private investment fund which involves private family offices and individuals with ultra high net worth.

Putting his money where his mouth is, he is known to not only manage the wealth of the elite, but has also invested his own wealth into the private fund to further ensure its credibility. This made his clients confident that they are indeed in good hands and that his personal investment proves that it is in his best interests that the private fund prospers.

Beyond helping his close circle and family, James’s private investment fund is currently only catered mainly to highly qualified investors and family offices whose net worth is within the regulatory boards required disposable income bracket, which currently excludes retail investors. He had also imposed strict requirements for people in his fund, immediately turning his back to those with illicit ventures and money laundering tendencies.

Developing trust and partnerships

Richman’s private venture has now grown exponentially successful and has earned the intrigue and interest of other investors. This is due to his smart and intimate style of handling the funds.

One of his clients is Samantha, a single-mom who had struggled to make ends meet. According to her, her money had been with James for the last five years, and her trust was definitely worth it.

The main convincing factor which moved Samantha, was the great return of investments James had been bringing, at par with large companies, that was evident among those individuals who took the leap and joined James in his investment journey.

Learning that James Richman’s investors gained not just millions but billions of dollars, Samantha could not resist but to join. She was very lucky to be accepted as she underwent a lot of scrutiny. James does not take anyone beyond his close circle usually.

His success may be attributed to his great personality. James is a very private person, and he made efforts that his investment fund must remain private as well. He carefully handpicks selected investors to ensure that his other clients are protected, and that they are complying with all the regulations and laws.

Samantha also disclosed that Richman’s fund can already be compared to the success of the big-wigs from the finance industry. He is already at par with veterans form London, Wall Street, Hong Kong and Singapore among others.

At the moment, Richman had already made big bucks for his family and friends, among his profits are the initial returns from his investments in the Middle East and Asia.

How he  pays it forward

James Richman has been on the winning side of investment since the day he entered the financial market. With this, he has every intention to pay this forward by helping others who want to make the world a better place in every possible way.

“There’s plenty of money for everyone, I want to make sure this money actually gets distributed to those who can’t access it,” Samantha teary-eyed, quoted James Richman’s words.

James’s numerous achievements in the investment industry are making many wonder if he is a prodigy, a genius or is he the modern-day Robin Hood.

Other people are leaning towards comparing him with the great Warren Buffett, most of which are even bold enough to say that he is better.

As he is a very discreet and private man, despite several attempts to get in touch with James, I have failed to him for comments. He seems to be avoiding any form of publicity. Nonetheless, his success has already spoken tremendous volume about him.